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The UNITAS 2017 Amphibious Landing Phase on the beaches of Ancon, Peru. Photo: Peruvian Navy.

  • LAYING DOWN THE GAUNTLET – The Royal Navy takes a lead in Exercise Saxon Warrior off Scotland.
  • A ‘CALIPHATE’ OF TERROR AT SEA? – As its land base crumbles in Syria and Iraq, ISIL may look to the oceans.
  • ART OF WAR ON THE MENU – The big UNITAS 2017 exercise in Latin American waters provided various warfare lessons.
  • WHERE DO CHINA’S AMBITIONS END? – How will Beijing handle the possibility of war in the Korean peninsula and will making the South China Sea its Mare Nostrum be an error?
  • EUROPE’S MED FAILURE? – Starkly contrasting views of the European Union’s Operation Sophia anti-trafficking mission in the Med.
  • THE DISEASE OF SHORT-TERMISM – Future fleets cannot thrive without a long-term plan.
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