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News Digest from the November & December 2014 editions

NORWAY TO TOUGHEN UP DEFENCES AGAINST RUSSIA Norwegian defence minister, Ine Eriksen Soreide has ordered a thorough evaluation of her nation’s military’s capabilities. She said European insecurity had grown following Russia’s annexation of the Crimea - the first time a European state had seized the territory of another since WW2 - and Moscow’s ongoing intervention in eastern Ukraine. The last time there was a re-evaluation of the Norwegian national ...

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Crimea & Ukraine – FLASH NEWS

Hetman Sahaydachny

UKRAINIAN NAVY FLAGSHIP HEADS HOME And Proves She did not Defect to Pro-Russia Faction Report and photographs by Special Correspondent Cem Devrim Yaylali, Istanbul The flagship of ...

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News Digest from January 2014 issue

IRAN INCREASES UNDERSEA WARFARE CAPABILITY The Iranians appear to have launched a new class of submarine. Satellite imagery showed a 40m long submarine tied up at the Bastanu Shipyard ...

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