No. 275 January 2018

January 2018

Front cover

Royal Navy attack submarine HMS Trenchant in the North Atlantic. Photo: Zachary Wickline/US Navy.
Inset: Argentinean submarine ARA San Juan, which was lost last month (Nov). See P3 & P8/9. Photo: Argentinean Navy.


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  • END OF THE RN AS AN INDEPENDENT FORCE? – The advent of the new super-carriers may herald the British fleet becoming just a support unit for American operations.
  • NAVIES RACE TO SAVE LIVES – The sad tale of the Argentinean submarine San Juan, which was lost in mysterious circumstances.
  • BRITAIN AND THE WEST ARE WIDE OPEN – A former head of the RN’s Submarine Service gives his damning verdict on the state of UK and NATO’s anti-submarine capabilities.
  • UKRAINE REBUILDING ITS NAVY – More than three years on from the annexation of the Crimea by Russia the Ukraine Navy is intent on constructing Mosquito Fleet to counter its larger neighbour’s potential future aggression.
  • ITALIAN FLEET MEETS CHALLENGES – Europe’s maritime front line requires action via a regeneration of Italy’s fleet.
  • A WORLD OF MULTI-TASKING – Big destroyers and ‘frigates’ handle many tasks for the world’s navies.


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