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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine


  • SAILING OUT OF THE PAST INTO THE FUTURE - The radical new US Navy destroyer USS Zumwalt is commissioned while a new HMS Dreadnought is revealed.
  • UK PRESENTED WITH A SEA OF TROUBLES - The reason why discarding the helicopter carrier HMS Ocean is a very risky idea.
  • RUSSIAN STRIKE GROUP DEPLOYS – The Russian Navy is back and showing off its might during a battle group deployment to the Mediterranean.
  • ROBOT WARRIORS – NATO nations test their unmanned maritime warriors during a major exercise off Scotland.
  • CHARLES DE GAULLE STRIKES AGAIN – The nuclear-powered strike carrier, and French flagship, embarks on another mission to bomb terrorists in the Middle East.

And so much more in the December 2016 edition of WARSHIPS IFR!


Pictured: The Charles de Gaulle on her latest combat deployment. Photo: US Navy.


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