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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine
  • SOUTH CHINA SEA TENSION – Beijing seems to be adopting Moscow’s tactics as it seeks to stamp its sovereignty across vast areas of ocean.
  • ASIAN NAVAL EXPANSION CONTINUES - Report from IMDEX Asia 2015 where more evidence of burgeoning fleets in Asia-Pacific was provided.
  • RUSSIANS GATE CRASH BALTOPS 2015 - The Kremlin sent a corvette to ‘photo bomb’ NATO as the West’s primary defence alliance exercises in the Baltic zone of tension. We present words and pics from BALTOPS 2015.
  • ‘ROUGH RIDERS’ AIM TO RUN SMOOTH - Interview with the captain of USS Fort Worth, the second of the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) to be forward-deployed operating out of Singapore.


  • NAVAL HERITAGE SPECIAL – We encounter a salvaged U-boat on the Mersey and look at other fascinating aspects of Liverpool’s considerable connections to anti-submarine campaigns in two world wars. Manchester’s Imperial War Museum North provokes profound thoughts on the nature of loss during sea combat, plus we find out the latest on Portsmouth’s historic ships while at Chatham the WW2-era destroyer HMS Cavalier celebrates 72 years going strong. We also discover how Plymouth is finally putting its vast naval heritage on the map after lagging behind other places with much less to capitalize on.

Pictured: The preserved German submarine U-534 on the Mersey.

Photo: Iain Ballantyne.


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