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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine


  • STATE OF THE RN 2015 - Odin suggests the UK government is ready to cut defence while ignoring rising threats. Meanwhile, Britain’s closest military ally is getting worried about the UK’s declining power and global presence, while friends are making up for what it lacks.
  • WAR ON THE PEOPLE TRAFFICKERS - Europe forms a new maritime force in the Med, with action already taken to sink the boats used by traffickers once the migrants have been rescued.
  • STRIKE HARD, STRIKE DEEP - Russia is regenerating long-range strike, with an objective of sending out cruise missile-armed jets to range above the oceans of the world.
  • ‘CINDERELLAS’ PROVOKE SQUABBLE - Forward-based patrol ships cause a row in the USA, with the Navy listing them in the order of battle but politicians ordering them taken out of it.
  • NORTH KOREA’S PHANTOM SSBN - Doubts are expressed over Pyongyang’s supposedly sea-based nuclear deterrent, for which an elaborate missile test firing was staged (but may have been faked).
  • NATO HUNTS SHARKS OF STEEL - Two major ASW exercises off Norway send a message to the Kremlin that the alliance still has skills in the realm of submarine detection.
  • ARGENTINA GEARS UP FOR HYBRID WAR - A Cod War-style campaign could be launched in the South Atlantic by Buenos Aires, using strike jets provided by Russia and frigates from China.

Pictured Above: A Dutch naval helicopter makes a rendezvous with a German submarine during a NATO exercise off the coast of Norway. Photo: NATO.


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