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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine


  • UK DETERRENT POTENTIALLY USELESS - Dr Dave Sloggett explains how Trident Successor also needs a sequel to Chevaline to counter a regenerated Russian Anti-Ballistic Missile defence system.
  • CHINA STILL INVITED TO RIMPAC PARTY - Despite tensions in the South China Sea, the US Navy hosted the PLAN during the world’s biggest multi-national naval exercise in waters off Hawaii and southern California.
  • PUNCHING ABOVE ITS WEIGHT – Despite not being the biggest of Europe’s navies, the German fleet manages to exert a significant presence during key operations.
  • USN WARNED TO START AGAIN – Problems with quick-fix of adapting the Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) design to provide a new frigate require a rethink.


Pictured Top: The Trident missile submarine HMS Vanguard during missile tests off the coast of Florida. Photo: OS2 John Bouvia/US Navy.


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Contents subject to change.


  • US NAVY’S RADICAL ZUMWALT – A look at the new warship as the vessel approaches Initial Operating Capability.
  • BATTLE OF JUTLAND 100 Pt2 – More coverage related to the centenary of the famous WW1 clash of German and British fleets.
  • WILL BREXIT REGENERATE THE RN? – We weigh up the consequences for the British fleet of the UK leaving the EU or staying in.
  • AUSTRALIA’S NEW NAVY – With investment in new submarines seemingly guaranteed, what else looms for the RAN in its modernisation? 

And there’s so much more in the July 2016 edition of WARSHIPS IFR!


Pictured top: USS Zumwalt heading out for more sea trials.


Contents subject to change.

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