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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine


  • CHINA’S GAME OF AERIAL CHICKEN – Analysis of an incident in which a Chinese fighter jet carried out close-range harassment of a US Navy maritime surveillance aircraft and how it was linked to the PLAN’s expanding submarine force.
  • HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE - The milestone deployment by the BARBAROS Turkish Maritime Task Group, which has recently returned home from circumnavigating the African continent.
  • ASIA-PACIFIC STILL TOP - In the midst of launching air strikes against terrorists in the Middle East and deploying forces in an attempt to deter Russia from further aggression in Europe, the United States remains dedicated to its strategic rebalance, which sees 60 per cent of the US Navy committed to Asia-Pacific.
  • CHINA GOES NUCLEAR FOR CARRIER THREE - Special Correspondent David Axe reports on Beijing’s bid to reinforce major maritime power status by building atomic warships.
  • FLEET AIR ARM IN TRANSITION SPINS UP - This year’s Yeovilton Air Day showcased a maritime aviation hub that is spinning up into a new era.
  • UK ASPIRES BUT HAS IT BUNGLED DELIVERY? - While it is building two new super-carriers that might seem to offer the same capability and reach as similar US Navy vessels, Cdr Nigel MacCartan-Ward argues that Britain has, so far, mishandled the programme.

 And much, much more besides.


Pictured above: The famed ‘Commando Assault’ finale for this year’s Yeovilton Air Day. Photo: Dave Billinge.


Contents subject to change.

  • NORDIC NEIGHBOURS JOIN FORCES - Non-NATO Finland and Sweden ponder best defence.
  • AN EXPANDING PORTFOLIO - Our interview with the head of the Royal Norwegian Navy.
  • MH370 SEARCH GOES ON - A change in tactics in the hunt for the missing jetliner.
  • CHINA BOOSTS GLOBAL REACH - Beijing’s warships stage diplomatic voyages.
  • SUB RESCUE TEAMWORK - Sub-surface co-operation is the rule during a big Baltic exercise.
  • AMERICA NEEDS NEW FRIGATE - The Littoral Combat Ship will not be enough for the US Navy.
  • TIDE COMES IN FOR THE RFA - A quartet of new vessels for Britain’s Royal Fleet Auxiliary support fleet.


Pictured Top: Polish submarine Orp Sokol cruising on the surface during this year’s submarine rescue exercise Dynamic Monarch in the Baltic.

Image: NATO.




• Contents subject to change.

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