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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine


  • THE ROYAL NAVY & WHY IT STILL MATTERS – We continue our accessible explanation of the British fleet’s importance and its components parts.
  • RUSSIA’S BIG ARCTIC PLAY – The Kremlin has upped the ante in its bid to gain sovereignty over the North Pole and the riches under the seabed below its ice. Dr Dave Sloggett analyses the latest moves.
  • THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HILL – An Argentinean perspective on claims that Buenos Aires is beefing up its forces to make a play for Falklands sovereignty.
  • ONE OF EUROPE’S BEST – A profile of Portugal’s cutting edge submarine force.
  • CARIBBEAN DRUG-BUSTERS – A look at the Colombian naval force waging war against the drug barons at sea.

Pictured Above:

A BO-105 helicopter lands on the Colombian Navy frigate ARC Almirante Padilla during a recent multi-national exercise.

Photo: US Navy.


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