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W 2012 04

  • RISE OF THE IRANIAN MIDGETS - Arab states of the Gulf are facing a growing submarine threat.
  • TURKEY’S AMPHIBIOUS AMBITIONS - Istanbul opts for an LHD like Australia’s for power projection.
  • USN TO DEPLOY SECRET SEA BASE - The American navy is developing an intriguing new platform.
  • ON POINT FOR PACIFIC OUTREACH - Conclusion of our profile series on Australian bases.
  • TRAIL-BLAZING CENTRE - The Turkish Navy is seeking to lead the way.
  • THE WARSPITE LEGACY - We consider how the famous British battleship lives on.

And much much more!



Armidale Patrol Boats of the Royal Australian Navy exit HMAS Cairns, a base that is profiled in our April 2014 edition. Photo: RAN.

Mar14 Ed RussSub

  • A DYSFUNCTIONAL DETERRENT - Beijing’s superpower aspirations are undermined by unreliable SSBNs and lack of a missile with long enough reach.
  • US NAVY CARRIER DEPLOYMENT RETHINK – Under pressure financially, the USN is to halve its current number of deployed Carrier Strike Groups (CSG) from four to two.
  • DAWN OF PUTIN’S ‘GOLDEN FISH’ - A new Russian attack submarine named Severodvinsk has been commissioned into the Northern Fleet. Iain Ballantyne looks at how this latest craft echoes past endeavours with the Alfa Class attack boats of the Cold War.
  • MAINTAINING MOMENTUM - We interview the boss of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN’s) submarine force about where it stands today and is likely to head tomorrow.
  • 2024: BATTLE TO RUN TWO RN CARRIERS - Nick Childs concludes his futuristic consideration by envisaging the RN’s fight to maintain both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales in commission.
  • WW1 SURVIVOR IS SAVED - We visit HMS Caroline, the remarkable cruiser that fought at the Battle of Jutland and is to become regenerated as a museum ship and tribute to the sacrifice by British sailors and marines.

Pictured Above: The new Russian attack submarine Severodvinsk on sea trials.

Photo: Sevmash.


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