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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine


  • UK CHANCELLOR’S VOW TO CREATE THE WORLD’S ‘MOST MODERN NAVY’ – Odin feels a promise of naval investment is just electioneering.
  • WELCOME TO COLD WAR 2 - In an era of rising potential threats and declining defence budgets is the West prepared for a new confrontation with Russia?
  • NO FUTURE FOR CANADIAN SUBS? - There are doubts about a vital future capability for Canada.
  • CHARTING A NEW COURSE - The much-vaunted ‘Special Relationship’ at sea between the US Navy and Royal Navy has been given a boost by a milestone agreement.
  • TERRORISTS AT SEA AND ON LAND - The threat is one and the same and the maritime flank needs vigilance to avoid it being used as a means to launch new attacks.
  • GREEK FAST ATTACK CRAFT PROFILE - We look at the force, its latest vessel type and interview the boss and also a FAC captain.

Pictured: A Kavaloudis Class FAC launches a Penguin missile.

Photo: Greek Navy.


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