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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine


  • GENERAL REVEALS HIS WAR AGAINST NEW SHIPS - A former head of the UK armed forces details how he fought hard to axe two new RN super-carriers.
  • THE MISTRAL AFFAIR - The latest twists and turns in the controversial Franco-Russian project to construct new Mistral Class assault carriers for the Kremlin.
  • SUB HUNT IN THE BALTIC - Sweden’s extraordinary search for a suspected foreign submarine.
  • LIBYAN MARITIME ANARCHY - Terrorists could be taking advantage of migrant misery.
  • GAME OVER FOR PIRACY? - Have we seen the end of a modern day scourge?
  • SOMETHING TO SHOUT ABOUT - Our report from a Peruvian-hosted ASW exercise.
  • IRISH NAVY’S QUANTUM LEAP - New warships raise a small European fleet’s game.
  • HEROISM OF FIRST SUBMARINER VC - The valiant deeds of Norman Holbrook are saluted by his old school at Portsmouth.

Pictured Above: A Mistral Class assault carrier of the kind being built for the Russian Navy.

Photo: Canadian DND.


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