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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine
  • SHOCK OF THE NEW – Latest news on the fitting out and bringing into service of the land attack cruiser Zumwalt in the USA and we also look at the new (LCS-based) frigate revealed by the Pentagon.
  • HYBRID BRINKMANSHIP – How Russia is playing a dangerous game of face-offs at sea and in the air with NATO forces, as part of its wider hybrid warfare concept.
  • CONTRACTION & CONSOLIDATION – The UK may be taking unwise risks in putting all its ship construction eggs into the Scottish basket.
  • WHITE HEAT IN THE MIDDLE EAST – As the US Navy puts a working laser to sea in the Gulf we analyse the prospects for it as a serious weapon.
  • LATIN AMERICA NEWS FOCUS – The latest developments in words and pics from a vital part of the world.

Exact contents subject to change.


Pictured above: The future USS Zumwalt, first of a new kind of major warship.

Photo: US Navy.


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