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Simon Briant

SDB Marketing

Address: Unit 28 The Old Town Hall, 142 Albion Street, Southwick, BN42 4AX

Tel (UK): 01273 594455 (Outside UK): +44 1273 594455

Fax (UK): 01273 594458 (Outside UK): +44 1273 594458

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WARSHIPS International Fleet Review puts the spotlight on the latest developments in the world’s navies. Since its foundation in 1998, WARSHIPS IFR has evolved into the world’s leading ‘high street’ naval news monthly magazine. WARSHIPS IFR is read by not only the professionals but also by those with an interest in naval and current affairs. The readership of WARSHIPS IFR is well informed and many of its members work in key decision-making areas of defence while others by opting to read it each month are declaring an avid interest in all matters connected to the navy and the sea.

The high impact images, accessible language and simple yet dynamic design make the magazine valued and admired among the target audiences. Furthermore, it retains an appeal to anyone interested in keeping abreast of analysis of world affairs with a maritime/naval flavour from retired personnel and serving intelligence officers to many in the wider civilian community.


  • reaches a market which, for so long, has been neglected. It is a specialist naval and defence magazine available both on subscription and from leading outlets and is read by active and retired naval personnel, MOD officials and other service headquarters staff, embassies, defence attaches, MP’s, and by many others with an interest in navies and their activities.
  • covers current defence issues and has comments by leading analysts on these activities and developments.
  • produces features on the latest national and international maritime events often with exclusive informative photographs in both colour and black & white.
  • gives up-to-date reports on the recent procurements and developments in naval design and technology throughout the world.
  • carries regular book and video reviews.
  • carries regular in-depth articles on naval heritage.
  • is renowned for its high impact design and the quality of its photographic coverage.
  • has created a loyal and rapidly expanding readership throughout the UK and abroad.
  • offers advertisers a direct line to a quality audience.


giving the naval community a sense of vitality!


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Main Magazine
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Full Page Bleed Area 215 x 307
(in covers) Trim Area 210 x 297
Type Area 180 x 267
Half Page Horizontal 180 x 130
Vertical* 87 x 267
Quarter Page Vertical 87 x 130
Horizontal* 180 x 62
Eighth Page Horizontal 87 x 62
Web Directory Horizontal 90 x 20
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