Pictured: An Argentinean naval air arm Super-Etendard armed with an Exocet missile.
Photo: Argentinean Navy.

They departed on a voyage into uncertainty: Thousands of sailors, marines, soldiers and airmen on a mission to liberate British territory occupied by the forces of a South American junta. Many doubted it would ever come to war...until that day when a British submarine sank an Argentinean cruiser, the ARA Belgrano. A few days later the enemy struck back, sinking the British destroyer HMS Sheffield with a single Exocet missile and the world had a new name for fear.

In Part Two of our major series on the 1982 Falklands War we learn what high-tech war was really like from those who were there at key moments. They were the survivors, while many of their shipmates died.

We cover in-depth the sinking of the Belgrano by the SSN HMS Conqueror and loss of the Sheffield, including eyewitness testimony from members of their ships’ companies, in the latter’s case from the officers who saw the Exocet in-bound. In addition to the British perspective we carry fascinating accounts of milestone events, including the battle for South Georgia, from Argentinean servicemen, including the captain of the ill-fated submarine Santa Fe.

The June edition also sees a Falklands Books Special in which we review new and classic accounts of the Falklands War and interview some of the authors.

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