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  • Editor: Iain Ballantyne.
  • Assistant Editor: Dennis Andrews.
  • Associate Editor: Peter Hore.
  • Design: Iain Ballantyne with HPC Publishing.
  • Editor-at-Large: Jonathan Eastland.
  • Chief Analyst: Usman Ansari.
  • Defence Industry: Sidney Harrison.
  • Sea Cadets: Roger Busby.
  • Maritime Aviation: Dave Billinge.
  • Political Correspondent: Francis Beaufort.
  • Special Correspondents: Guy Toremans; Dr Dave Sloggett; Dr Lee Willett; David Axe; Ralph Edwards; Charles Strathdee.
  • Cartoonist: Galf.
  • Contributors: Inigo Guevara; Alexander Clarke; Rupert Butler; Joyce Rackham; Yoshiharu Fukushima; Sharkey Ward; Joetey Attariwala; Claudio Maugeri; Juan Carlos Cicalesi; Santiago Rivas; Fariz Tyebjee; Michael K. Rivett; Nick Newns; Mark Simmons; Dr Robert Farley; Michael Nitz; Edward H. Lundquist; Mike Clapp; Anthony Sloggett; Kevin Dunn; Dr Duncan Redford.
  • Contributing Photographers: Nigel Andrews; Jonathan Eastland; Gary Davies; Ralph Edwards; Derek Fox; Dave Billinge; Mick Prendergast; Ben Sullivan; Nick Newns; Neill Rush; Sandra Rowse; Ian Edwards; Trevor Coppock; Kevin Wills; Juan Carlos Cicalesi; Santiago Rivas; David Walter; Cem Derrim Yaylali.
  • Publisher: Derek Knoll.
  • Production/Administration: Christine Knoll.

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WARSHIPS IFR Editor Iain Ballantyne has reported on naval activities from around the globe, covering the 1990/91 Gulf War, plus enforcement of the UN trade embargo against former-Yugoslavia, the collapse of the Soviet Union (during several historic warship visits to Russia) and the final days of the RN presence in Hong Kong. Between June 1990 and September 1994 Iain was Defence Reporter and Chief Reporter of the Evening Herald, Plymouth, before taking up a post in London as Defence and Diplomatic Correspondent for a national news agency. Since going freelance in 1996, Iain has written on naval and military affairs for Air Pictorial, FOCUS magazine, Maxim, The Naval Architect and Legion Magazine. Latterly Iain has moved into editing. He was appointed Editor of WARSHIPS IFR in late 1997 after working up the magazine concept at the invitation of HPC Publishing. Iain is the author of several naval history books.

Captain Peter Hore RN (Retired) is WARSHIPS IFR’s new Associate Editor. Recently retired from the Royal Navy, Peter’s last post was Head of Defence Studies for the British fleet, based at the Ministry of Defence in London. In this capacity he led a small think tank organisation, which wrote strategy and concepts plus maintained relations with defence-academic institutes. As Head of Defence Studies Peter Hore helped organise high level tripartite talks between the US Navy, Russian Navy and the RN. Peter is working on a number of book projects.

Editor at Large Jonathan Eastland has been photographing warships and reporting on naval activities around the world for more than three decades. From a sea-faring background, Jonathan has also won many international awards for his outstanding marine photography. He is the author of several books, including 'Camera at Sea', 'Great Yachts and Their Designers' and 'The Romance of the Tall Ships'. He runs one of the world's largest maritime picture libraries.

We also draw on some of the top talents in the defence photography arena.

But, WARSHIPS IFR would be nothing without the highly skilled photographers of the world's leading navies who provide us with such excellent work.